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David Attenborough’s beer garden green light

Sir David Attenborough’s newest plan was given the green light this week which will see a beer garden become converted into a safe haven for plants and animals.

The beer garden is from the now derelict Hole in the Wall pub’s outdoor space located on Park Road, Richmond.

Attenborough purchased the pub last year and submitted plans in December to extend space between his home and the pub to create an outdoor wildlife space that will have a ‘bog garden,’ glasshouse, and orchard.

The proposal was met with four objections but overall the area residents were pleased with the idea of the proposal and wrote into the council pledging their support.

Attenborough’s next door neighbour, David McGrath, stated that the community is happy that with the loss of the green land on the other side of the road the new wildlife green space will help restore balance to the area.

Neighbour Jill Grist of nearby Kings Road said that she would be happy to live nearby the green space.

The council stated that it decided to grant permission for the project after it thought about how the scheme would nicely compliment the conservation status of the area.  According to a council spokesman, the plans will not affect the status of the area in a negative manner.


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