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Britain in Bloom competition

A group of young people living in St. Ouen took some initiative and turned an area of desolate land into an oasis as part of the Britain in Bloom competition.

Two judges went to see the work in St. Ouen as part of the Britain in Bloom committee and have been travelling around the island in order to see which parish will be chosen to represent Jersey in the regional heats.

However, judges are looking for more than just beauty, as they also are taking a close look at how hard the communities are working with each other and the overall focus on eco friendly schemes.

Each parish has seen a large variety of groups get involved in an effort to help with the Parish in Bloom competition.

The garden, which is located at the back of the Parish Hall in St. Ouen’s, was the idea of young people from the parish and sits on land that previously did not have a use.

One of the young youths involved in the project stated that just being entered in the West Show has been a large thrill and the fact that they won and advanced was even more thrilling.


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