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New survey shows 72% of UK citizens go online for gardening advice

A European-wide study has found that nearly three quarters of green fingered Brits use the web to look up gardening advice, before turning to anyone else for help.

The survey of over 26,000 people covered 17 countries worldwide and was commissioned by Bakker Spalding Garden Company. It found that 72% of UK citizens look up gardening advice before going anywhere else. Only a quarter would turn

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Choosing the best pump for your garden pond

For pond enthusiasts there is nothing more satisfying than planning out and then creating your dream garden pond. Whether you want a preformed pond or to build your own using a liner there is one essential piece of equipment that you don’t want to get wrong; your pump. Your pump not only aerates the pool it also keeps it clean, and unless you want to

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Support your garden birds and the RNLI at the same time

Support your garden birds and the RNLI at the same time

Here is an attractive and fetching peanut feeder that also enables you to raise funds for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute or RNLI. The design was inspired by Portland Bill Lighthouse located in Dorset, and from each feeder sold 25p will be donated  to the RNLI.

The bright red and white mesh feeder, newly available

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Attracting wild birds with carefully chosen feeders

Bird feeders attract all sorts of birds into your garden, and window bird feeders are particularly popular and bring a lot of pleasure to those sitting inside. Orioles are a species of bird that are particularly attracted to a window feeder, and they will keep coming back if you install one at your home.

The choice of birdhouse you either buy or make is important as

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Growing herbs indoors

If you want to grow your own herb garden but simply don’t have the outdoor space to do so, a good and viable option is to have a container garden inside. These tubs can be used to grow many herbs that will grown up to 12 inches high, and the add a lovely decorative touch to a kitchen, as well as being an instant source

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How to guide: decking your garden

Garden decking has been a must-have ever since Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock took over our TV screens in Ground Force back in the 1990s. With the help of Tommy the builder, they made it look easy – but as anyone who’s ever tried laying their own garden decking will know – it isn’t. Unless you follow a how to guide like this one…

1. First

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A water feature is a great addition to any garden

Anyone who feels as if their garden is lacking …. ‘something’, or just needs a new breath of life to give it a bit of a lift, should have a look at the great selection of garden water features that are now available. These don’t have to be expensive either and can make a great addition to any garden, irrespective of size, and are the

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The sun brings out the colours of the garden

The sun’s sudden arrival brought about a burst of variety and colour into gardens. You could feel the character of the soft new greens burst into life at the sight of the sun’s bright glare. It would be impossible not to fall head over heels for all that splendor. It was a shame that my husband never got the chance to enjoy this glorious sight

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UK suffering gardening slump

Though most people probably haven’t noticed, the UK is definitely experiencing a slump in the gardening industry. More and more green space is paved over every day, it seems, and there’s less and less room for ‘a bit of a garden’ even in more rural settings. According to Chris McCall of the Falkirk Herald, this is a crisis that needs to be addressed, and one

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Creating a rock garden

Rock gardens are very simple to create and as a bonus is also extremely eco-friendly making them a great gardening asset to learn about. Even better, rock gardens are extremely low maintenance once they are done.

One easy way to start is to gather a pile of dirt that is lying around in the yard somewhere. If you do not have a large amount of dirt,

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