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Five Gardening Health Pitfalls in Colder Weather

Stay Healthy When Gardening in the Winter

Winter might be slowly getting put behind us but with colder weather still in force, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get up, go outside, and tackle the garden.

Luckily, most of these problems can be overcome with simple solutions that mean you don’t spend hours outside in the chilly air. This guide will help you dig

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The urban gardening guide – an introduction

Gardening has been proven to relieve stress and provide a host of other physical and psychological health benefits. And urban gardening has been proven to protect built-up areas from extreme heat and cold. Gardening is a rewarding hobby that should be valued for its own sake, and for the enjoyment and beauty that it can bring to people’s lives.

If you want to make your area

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New survey shows 72% of UK citizens go online for gardening advice

A European-wide study has found that nearly three quarters of green fingered Brits use the web to look up gardening advice, before turning to anyone else for help.

The survey of over 26,000 people covered 17 countries worldwide and was commissioned by Bakker Spalding Garden Company. It found that 72% of UK citizens look up gardening advice before going anywhere else. Only a quarter would turn

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New gardening club for those with green fingers in Cornwall

If you are a gardener or a wannabe gardener in the coastal area of Pendeen, Cornwall, take note that help is at hand. A new club has just been launched, with the first meeting organised by Sandra Coak and future gatherings to be set as the members get the agenda underway. The first ‘official’ meeting took place on 10th January at the Centre of Pendeen,

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How to give an established garden a makeover

The health benefits of gardening just keep on coming

Researchers indicate that spending around four hours of light gardening every week lowers one’s chances of having kidney stones by about a third. A study has indicated that even some little exercise can greatly reduce the risk. Previous research has shown that when one is overweight, their chances of having kidney stones doubles.

The condition can be quite painful and one may have to go for

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A Gardening Year Planning Calendar

Starting to plan your 2014 gardening? A little confused abut where to start? Well take a look at this creative calendar, which has been cleverly designed so that you know exactly what to do, each month. Weather you’re a beginner, or an expert, I’m sure this calendar will help you out when growing and maintaining your garden throughout the year!

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Pottering around the garden can make you live longer

In a study that has been conducted on people above the age of 60, it has been found that activities like pottering around the garden or even fixing house can help in living a longer life. Old people may find it hard to be involved in rigorous exercises. As per the study, engaging in simple activities that help in body movement can turn out to

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The perfect plants to grow to attract and thus protect bees

There has been news going round about the death of numerous bee colonies. People have also been informed about how such deaths affect humanity and the environment at large. If you want to grasp the manner in which this affects everything, here is how; if there are no bees, it means there would be no pollination, which means plants cannot bear fruit or have fertilised

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Older gardeners at risk of Legionella according to new research

New research shows that older gardeners are at a risk of contracting the Legionella bacteria because some of its strains have been detected in potting soil in Britain.

A proposal to introduce outstanding instruction labels on bags has being raised by scientists following the discovery of legionella bugs in 14 of all the 22 compost bags investigated.

Although many of these bacteria had no health impacts to

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