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A Guide to Pond Plants

Using pond plants adds colour, texture and natural beauty to your pond. However it is also a great way to add oxygen to your pond and combat algae and other water problems.

Benefits of pond plants:

Colour and natural beauty
Combat algae as they utilise the nutrients in the water
Create shade and shelter for fish and other wildlife
Natural filtration as plants absorb trace elements and more

Types of Pond

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Preparing The Pond For Cold Weather

As the nights start to draw longer and the days seem to be getting colder, that can mean only one thing – autumn is just around the corner. And even worse that means winter is getting closer too! Before we all get too depressed though let’s enjoy the last fading days of summer.  One thing however that will need doing is starting to prepare your

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The sun brings out the colours of the garden

The sun’s sudden arrival brought about a burst of variety and colour into gardens. You could feel the character of the soft new greens burst into life at the sight of the sun’s bright glare. It would be impossible not to fall head over heels for all that splendor. It was a shame that my husband never got the chance to enjoy this glorious sight

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Great animals to have in the garden to control pests

Certain animals are great to have in your garden because they actually help to keep other pests from getting into the vegetable patch. With aphids attacking beans, snails and slugs eating lettuce, and caterpillars eating cabbage it likely seems that the last thing that you would want to get into your garden is more wildlife, however, some wild creatures will actually help you out.

Most vegetable

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National Trust deems 2012 to be The Year of the Slug

The National Trust recently reported that unpredictable, unsettled and often chaotic weather signals a huge change in nature and presents huge challenges for wildlife.  According to experts from the National Trust, varied kinds of insects and birds have been shown to struggle, compared to the seemingly better life for orchids and slugs all throughout Britain.

One of the National Trust’s Naturalist, Matthew Oates, stated that the

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Wild flowers may not be what you think they are

Many of you have probably heard the term “wild flower”, but do you know what it means. A wild flower is a plant which is native to the place it is growing and it hasn’t been modified by breeding or cultivated. Wild flowers are an important part of nature and many of them have powerful healing properties which maintain the eco-system.

These flowers attract various insects,

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Creating a perfect wildlife pond in your garden

A wildlife pond does not have to be expensive or huge, and in fact it can easily be hidden away or can become the focal point of a garden depending on what you want. If you have small pets or children this is going to be a factor of where you should place your pond.

Strong steel mesh can be also placed over the pond if

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Attracting wildlife into even the smallest of gardens

As most gardeners know but some non-gardeners may not, there is a great deal more to a garden than flowers and fresh vegetables. Even a tiny garden is also a haven for all sorts of wildlife, from insects to birds and from toads to tortoises, not to mention hedgehogs. A garden is also a safe intermediate zone between urban development and nature ‘in the raw’.


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The colours of pond fish make up for the lack of variety

In nature there are over 20,000 species of fish, most of which are marine-based. A small number, only, are freshwater fish, with a tiny few suitable to keep in ponds. Of the few species available, however, there is an enormous range of colours, habits, hybrids, shapes and sizes. Every few years a new fish becomes available for the pond-keeper.

If your pool is large enough and

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Creating the perfect garden pond

When first consider installing a pond in your garden you need to decide what sort of pond you want. Whether you want it just for plants and wildlife or if you are going to add fish as well. You also need to decide what features you want such as a waterfall or, for the more ambitious, maybe a small fountain. Whatever you decide, it is

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