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Bentley Brushware partners with National Trust for new garden furniture range

Bentley Brushware has partnered with the National Trust to develop an attractive new range of garden furniture for 2016. The Kingston collection has been designed to the highest standards using ethically sourced and sustainably produced eucalyptus wood. This FSC certified wood has been carefully selected for its strength, longevity and water repellent properties to ensure the collection is robust and decay resistant, making it a

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Choosing Garden Furniture – Getting Good Value for Your Money

So you need new garden furniture. Finding the perfect one for your garden or patio should not be a problem considering the huge offer. Getting a good value for your money, however, is a completely different story. Given that the times are tough, you probably do not want to spend a little fortune on a garden table and a few chairs. The inexpensive versions, on

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Creating a perfect wildlife pond in your garden

A wildlife pond does not have to be expensive or huge, and in fact it can easily be hidden away or can become the focal point of a garden depending on what you want. If you have small pets or children this is going to be a factor of where you should place your pond.

Strong steel mesh can be also placed over the pond if

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Make sure you use sustainable wood in your garden

Most people don’t think twice about when they are buying wood, but it is very important to remember that if wood is not farmed in a sustainable way then it is very damaging to the environment. By buying wood furniture that you when you don’t worry where it comes from, you could be encouraging a form of business that destroys the environment.

One of the best

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Garden buildings aren’t limited to sheds

If you are thinking about installing a new building in your garden than the immediate thing that comes to mind is going to be a shed. However, this is a very limited idea as there are many different types of buildings that you can construct outside your property. Many of these can be a wonderful addition to your home, and not just be a place

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Updating your garden furniture

When the time comes to replace your existing garden furniture, there are a host of normal considerations which have to be taken into account. When making the decision to buy new furniture for the garden, a customer needs to weigh up the price, quality, appearance and functionality before they hand over any cash.

Another thing that more and more of us are also taking into consideration

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Accessories to improve your garden

When a garden is looked after and decorated properly it can become one of the great attractions of a house, especially in the summer when it functions as a sort of open-air room, great for barbecues and general relaxation. We spend most of our lives boxed up and a well-maintained and thoughtfully laid-out garden can make a big difference to our quality of life.

Garden ornaments


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Turn your garden into a night-time wonderland

With summer on the way, now’s a good time to think about whether your garden is ready for entertaining. There’s nothing like spending the long summer evenings outside with friends, especially if you’ve equipped the space with heaters and lighting so people can stay as long as they like. And if you really want to make a talking point, get creative with your lighting –

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The right garden furniture can make or break a garden

When we are planning out our gardens to get the best of them during the summer months, we often realise that our garden furniture is getting somewhat tatty and needs replacing. The standard patio table and four chairs are still ideal for the smaller garden, but if you are lucky enough to have a large space then the choice of furniture available in mind boggling.


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Garden wood preservation

The use of wood for outdoor purposes such as decking, fences, arbours and other decorative and basic structural features always involves depreciation by the elements that include (but aren’t limited to) rain and insects.  Wooden structures will eventually decay and crumble into dust, but they will take a lot longer to do so if they are treated with a wood preservative.  The difference in the

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