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Encouraging biodiversity in your garden

Gardens can be a haven for wildlife

A garden is a haven for wildlife, but you only get as much as you put in. If you want to increase biodiversity, a varying range of wildlife, then you need accommodating plant-life to encourage this process.

With this in mind, here are a number of tips that can help to increase the wildlife in your garden. With the right

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The Plant Lover’s Guide to Snowdrops



Everybody’s favourite spring flower is the centre of attention for a special  day at the National Botanic Garden of Wales on Saturday January 31 – and it’s FREE for all.

Galanthus is a much-loved harbinger of spring and here at the Garden there is a mile of snowdrops to explore but Snowdrop Day is so much more than walk in the park.

There will be talks, trails,

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How pruning improves roses

A lot of the roses that are cultivated in people’s gardens are not of one variety but that of many that are added to each year. A lot of discussion has gone on recently in regards to how and when these roses need to be pruned to achieve the best results; pruning is advised to be done hard after planting, so that it is no

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The Star Wars inspired Death Star birdhouse comes to The Fowndry


The Star Wars inspired Death Star birdhouse comes to The Fowndry

The Fowndry has a question for you? What is hotter than the twin suns Tattooine? The Death Star Birdhouse, that’s what! Do not fear if you think such a deadly abode for the avian visitors to your garden would be impossible to get your hands on, you simply head to the coolest website every

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RHS launches their 2013 National Gardening Week

The RHS is kicking off its national gardening week by highlighting various careers and also pushing for more wildlife in gardens. The Royal Horticultural Society has planned many events to take place during their National Gardening Week 2013 from April 15th through April 21st. As part of the scheduled week, talks and events will take place at all four RHS gardens tailored around horticultural careers

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104 year old gardener shares his tips on Twitter

For Ralph Hoare, a green-fingered centenarian, Twitter has become his preferred medium for sharing his horticultural suggestions. Having reached the age of 104, he still maintains a healthy passion for vegetable and rose cultivation.

Due to his age, he has to use a grabbing tool to pick up items, and a hoe for weeding. Age may have affected his knees, but not to his passion for

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The Rose is still the favourite flower for English gardeners

According to the rosesuk website, not to mention a large percentage of the population, the English rose is the nation’s favourite flower, and just about everyone with a sunny patch of soil is growing them or wants to do so. Contrary to frequently heard complaints that roses are difficult to grow successfully, i.e. with gorgeous heaven-scented blooms that beautify any spot they occupy, roses are

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