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The new online gardening resource, Garden Aware is aiming to get more young readers gardening. It has set out to break the stereotype that green fingers are a hobby for the older generation with a colourful and engaging website offering interesting and attention-grabbing articles.

With a recent global gardening survey revealing that 47% of the UK population would like to introduce their children and/or grandchildren to

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RHS backs plan to teach gardening in schools

The RHS has conducted a report that has revealed that teaching gardening in schools can be of great help to kids in their sense of self worth and well being as well as their other studies. There seems to be other three R’s that children can get guidance once they complete their school gardening, and they are “Ready to learn, Resilient and Responsible.

The RHS report

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Introducing young children to gardening

Getting the little ones into the idea of gardening or healthy eating can be a real challenge to be sure. Some kids believe just the feeling of wet earth will be, like, “ugh yuk!” whereas other children are not just a little bit scared of what creepy crawlies they might find when they dig deeper. But all they need is a little bit of encouragement.


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